Before the Big Bang?

Logarithmic History proper begins January 1, with cosmic inflation and the Big Bang; regular posting will start then. But was there anything before the Big Bang? According to some cosmologists, our universe is just one in a vast ensemble of universes, a multiverse, with new universes separate from ours constantly springing into existence. Reasons to believe this include (1)  a multiverse seems to fall naturally out of strongly supported theories of cosmic inflation, (2) the theory allows for occasional universes, including our own, to be fine-tuned for supporting intelligent life, but doesn’t require that the multiverse as a whole be fine-tuned, and (3) maybe, just maybe, there could turn out to be evidence of our universe bumping into another in its infancy.

The multiverse is hardly a well-established scientific finding. But suppose it holds up. Then — just as our star is called the Sun, just as our galaxy is called the Milky Way — our universe will need a name, to distinguish it from all the other universes. I suggest Om (rhymes with “home”).


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