History, Logarithmic and Big

David Christian started out as a historian of Russia and Inner Eurasia. He has since moved on to what he calls “Big History” — the history of the universe since the Big Bang. Big History has now generated several books, a DVD series, an International Big History Association, a TED talk, and a Gates Foundation funded effort to bring Big History to high school students.

The Logarithmic History project — blog and twitter account – is a small-scale affair with no affiliation with the Big History Project. Obviously, though, there are strong affinities between the two, and people who enjoy this site may want to check out Big History.

One attraction of Logarithmic History and/or Big History is that they let you explore a whole range of human knowledge at whatever depth you want. Human beings are naturally good at telling and remembering stories, so you can store a lot of information about everything from astronomy to geochemistry to evolution to archeology to history to pop culture as one long narrative, mapped onto memorable dates over the course of a year. The twitter part of Logarithmic History is meant for this. Or if you want to dig deeper, I’ll have more to say on the blog about a range of questions from “Where do chemical elements come from?” to “Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Europe not China?” – and provide links for those who want to move from stories to theories.

Nobody is an expert in all these areas, so I invite readers to offer their input.


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