Hadean tweets

Some tweets from the earliest Earth, Hadean and Archean eons

January 25, Sunday. 3.586 – 3.390 Bya (billion years ago)

January 24, Saturday. 3.793 – 3.586 Bya (billion years ago)

January 23, Friday. 4.012 – 3.793 Bya (billion years ago)

January 22, Thursday. 4.244 – 4.012 Bya (billion years ago)

January 21, Wednesday. 4.489 – 4.244 Bya (billion years ago)


One thought on “Hadean tweets

  1. John Stojanowski

    Canseco is trying to hijack my theory, The Gravity Theory of Mass Extinction which posits the movement of the Earth’s core elements resulting in a surface gravity gradient around the Earth.



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